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Tutoring Services by Grade

Elementary School (K-5) Reading: Phonics, vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, main idea, sequencing, drawing conclusions, making inferences, predicting

Writing: Four Step Writing process (Prewrite, Write, Revise, Proofread) techniques for paragraph and essay development, details, comparisons

Language Arts/English: Grammar-subject-verb agreement, fragments, run-on sentences, punctuation, capitalization, types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory), parts of speech (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs), vocabulary, and spelling skills

Math: Number sense, place value, rounding & estimating, prime numbers, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, percentages, measurement, graphing, geometry, area/perimeter, ratio/proportion

Middle School and Junior High (6-8) Reading: Vocabulary, reading comprehension, fluency, main idea, cause & effect, inference, context clues, drawing conclusions, fact and opinion, personification and symbolism, summarizing and paraphrasing, comparing & contrasting, denotations & connotations, outlining, research skills.

Language Arts/English: Grammar-subject-verb agreement, fragments, run-on sentences, punctuation, capitalization, possessive nouns, indefinite pronouns, verb tenses, helping verbs, conjunctions, compound and complex sentences, clauses, prepositions, metaphors, similes, semicolons, colons, modifiers, vocabulary, and spelling skills

Writing: Apply composition techniques, topic sentences, main ideas, supporting details, write short passages and summaries, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing

Math: Algebra, integers, expanded notation, probability, averaging, graphs and tables, problem solving, geometry

High School (9-12) Reading: Knowledge of vocabulary and reading comprehension, content area reading (science, history, etc.)

Language Arts/English: Knowledge of grammar and parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, fragments, run-on sentences, punctuation, capitalization, vocabulary and spelling skills

Writing: Writing process steps, apply composition techniques to writing assignments, descriptive writing, compare/contrast, cause/effect, persuasive writing

Math: Algebra, geometry, problem solving

Text Based Assignments: Main ideas, analyzing long passages, writing summaries, research papers

College Advanced reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and study skills